Deploying Karaoke Me on Your Website

What is Karaoke Me?

Karaoke Me is an online recorder that mixes a background audio track with audio input from a microphone.

You can create a list of songs that users can choose from, or you can load a song from your local computer.

An inline mixer lets you adjust the volume levels of background track and microphone, to get the sound levels that you want.

After recording, you can save the mix as an MP3 file.

Embedding the recorder in a web page

The recorder is a SWF file, so it must be embedded into the web page. You can use Adobe's embed code, but using the swfobject is much easier and more standards-friendly.

Embedding using the swfobject is a two-step process. First, you must load the Javascript file into your web page. Google hosts the file, so you can load it from Google thusly:


Second, you call the swfobject and pass it parameters thusly:


You must have a DIV on the page named "recorderDIV." The SWF file will be rendered into that DIV tag.

Configuration Parameters

There are two parameters that you must change. The first is licensekey. This is the license key, unique to your website, that enables the full functionality of the program. You purchase a license key online at

The second parameter is showlist. This parameter determines whether or not to display the dropdown list of songs. If you choose to have your users select a song from a list, set the value to "yes." Otherwise, set it to "no."

See the section "Song List XML file" for details on creating your list.

Song List XML file

The song list is a list of audio files that can be loaded into Karaoke Me. This is a convenient way for your users to use the program.

You must upload the audio files (MP3 format only) to your website. The program will import the audio files when the users select them from the list.

The song list must be formatted in correct XML format. This is an example of the format:


For each song file, you must have a "song"" entry, and indicate the "label" of the song (what the users will see, usually the name of the song), and a "filename" entry, which is the path to the song MP3 file. The path can be a logical path (for example, a subfolder of the website), or a URL to an external site.

Sync correction

Different browsers connect to the system microphone a bit differently, so there can be a delay in audio capture. The delay is small, but noticeable when singing along to a background music track.

The sync correction allows users to adjust the playback timing. Use the slider to set the adjustment. Depending on the platform and browser, an adjustment of between 6 and 9 may be needed.


Karaoke Me is a SWF file, so it will not work on iOS.